5 Tips & Tricks All Photoshop Users Should Know

Photoshop is, undoubtedly, one of the best photo editors out there. It is not only a popularly used software among photographers, but it is also used for web designing, graphic design, and digital art. Released in 1990, the first version of Adobe Photoshop was only reserved for Macintosh. However, the software improved with the release of its updated versions and it soon became the standard digital photo editing software. 

To make it easier for you to use Photoshop, here are some of the tips and tricks that you should know. 

1. Transform: change the image size, flip, rotate or distort it 

To transform your picture, you need to go to Edit > click on Transform > select the action that you desire. 

You can also use the following shortcuts to make your life easier when using Photoshop. 

Press Control + T for a bounding box to appear around the picture which indicates transformation. Now, you can resize your picture and the best way to do so is by placing your cursor on the rectangular corners of the box. Then, you have to drag the corner while holding the Shift key. Hit Enter when you’re done. 

If you want to flip your picture horizontally or vertically, press Control + T and right-click your mouse. You’ll see a popup window with options for flipping and rotating the image. Choose the action that you desire and hit Enter. 

To skew or distort an image, press Control + T and place the cursor on the corner that you wish to distort. While holding your mouse down on the corner of the image that you wish to morph, press Control and drag it down to the desired point. To activate the change, press Enter. 

2. Clear scratch disk on Mac

The problem of clearing a scratch disk is not something that you’ll run into often on your Mac, but you might. If your work depends on Photoshop and apps like that, it’ll come in handy to know how to solve this problem. 

The primary reason why you might see a popup ‘Photoshop scratch disk full’ is for temporary files. If you often have to force-quit Photoshop, the temporary files do not disappear because the app thinks that you may use it later, and therefore, saves them. The best way to clear your scratch disk on a Mac is by clearing your disk because the root problem is the cluttered storage space on your Mac. 

3. Magnetic Lasso Tool

The lasso tool is found in plain sight in the Photoshop tool-panel and it is described as a man’s gift to photo editing. This easy selection tool would help you to trace and outline the specific part of the picture that you wish to edit. Then, it will separate it from the rest of your picture to perform the desired actions. 

For instance, you can select and separate a particular product from its background. The magnetic lasso tool is nearly foolproof and easily detects the edges of an object. The tool works best when there’s a bold contrast between the background and the object with well-defined edges. 

You can access the lasso tool by clicking and holding the mouse button down on the lasso tool until there’s a fly-out menu. The lasso tool is the last one that has a small magnet on its icon. Select the tool and go to your picture and place the mouse on the edge of the part that you wish to alter. Click the mouse once and release, then go over the object’s edges of the part that you wish to alter. 

4. Choose any color from outside of Adobe Photoshop

Activate the Eyedropper tool (on the keyboard, it is the “I” button) to select any color from outside of the software. Then left-click on your mouse and hold the inside of your picture in Photoshop. Then, you need to drag your cursor outside of Photoshop to any other application or window. Sample the color that you like and then release the mouse button. The sampled color will appear as your foreground color. 

5. Custom shape tool

In addition to editing your photos, Photoshop also allows you to easily add design elements and shapes to your Photoshop creations. All the basic shapes that you need like circle, line, square, and ellipse are available in the Tool Panel and there’s also a wide range of extended options. You can find the custom shape tool in the options bar and it will be presented by an icon that resembles a puzzle piece. You can access more shapes by simply clicking on the small arrow found on the right side of the panel. If you are seeking speech bubbles, banners, or arrows of any kind, this is the tool for you. 

So, these are some of the Photoshop tricks and tips that every Photoshop user should know. Keep these in mind when you are using the software next to have a wonderful experience.

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