We looking from history of great United India from the two greatest illustration experts “Edwin Lord Weeks” Edwin Lord Weeks (1849 – 1903), American artist, was born at Boston, Massachusetts, in 1849. He was a pupil of Léon Bonnat and of Jean-Léon Gérôme, at Paris. He made many voyages to the East, and was distinguished as a painter of oriental scenes. “Ernst Rudolf Vogenauer” (b. 1897 in Munich, Germany – d. 1969 in Berlin, German Democratic Republic, now Germany) – was a German graphic artist. He started working after World War I designing posters as well as illustrator of various books. He also designed banknotes , postage stamps, wooden toys and ceramics. Both did excellent graphic designs and today we’re sharing some of related to Indian history when hundred of different culture were living there together under different governments as we know about Muslim Government “Mughal Empire” they were govern hundreds years with amazing and creative cultural environment.

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