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There are quite a lot of Digg and Reddit style social voting websites appearing on the web these days. These Digg clones are being created in numerous different niches and some of them are getting pretty popular. If you’re keen to create one for yourself you might as well do it the easy way. Pligg is an open source Digg style social voting website CMS that allows you to create your own Digg clone quickly and easily.

Social voting news sites are great because they allow us to really get involved in determining the content we want to see, sorting the interesting articles from the boring ones. Digg and Reddit are the largest and most popular sites of this type but there are many other niche sites that are quickly gaining popularity. Design Bump is one example of a Digg clone aimed at the web design community. In the past it would take a lot of work and programming to create your own Digg clone, luckily now the hard work has been done for us.

build digg clone site

To create your own Digg clone simply download the Pligg CMS and set it up on your server. You’ll need MySQL and PHP5 to run Pligg. Once you’ve set it up you can then customise it with your own template to give it a unique look and feel. You can even add widgets which you can buy from the Pligg shop to add some extra functionality to your website. You can see an example of a social news site created with Pligg above.  That’s pretty much it, you’re Digg clone website is ready to go. Now you’ve just got to figure out how to get some users to your site, best of luck!

Adham Dannaway

Web Designer and Front End Developer with a passion for web design, coding, blogging, WordPress and chewing gum. Check out my web design portfolio and follow me on Twitter and Facebook!

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  1. Mohammad Danish on June 20, 2011

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  2. Vicky D on April 17, 2012

    Thanks for the great article, Adham! We’ve actually used Pligg, and me and our team have recently launched Tiltzero, a Pligg-powered social bookmarking community created with a lot of love and hard work! Check it out at and if you like it, please add it to your articles!
    Thank you in advance! Vicky D

  3. Jack Moyes on July 12, 2013

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