How social media coverage can assist websites like online casinos

We hear a great deal about the effects of social media sites like Facebook and Twitter on public life these days, but what is less often explored is how much help they can be to businesses. It might seem like the online casino industry is already such a success story that it hardly needs any assistance, but there is always room for improvement – and effective use of social media offers online casino companies a chance to achieve that. The area where it can perhaps assist them the most is in marketing.

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Many companies are only just beginning to wake up to the idea that social media offers a fantastic opportunity to promote their products or services to a huge audience, as well as to directly engage with it. Online casino firms such as Jackpot City where you can play here have an advantage over many other businesses when it comes to leveraging that power, because the people who play at these sites are already familiar with the online world, and accessing social media on PCs and mobile devices. This means they are far more likely to be on these sites in the first place, for the casino sites to target with interesting, relevant, high quality content and promotional offers.

Another major way that it can assist websites like these is in reducing promotional costs because, unlike most traditional forms of marketing, social media is free to use – and any positive comments left on the Facebook page or Twitter profile of a casino company can be used in subsequent promotions. Furthermore, thanks to the apps provided on sites like Facebook, the casinos can directly link from their Facebook page to their actual business one. This enables those who have discovered the site through browsing on Facebook to get to the main casino page quickly, while the notion to do so is fresh in their minds.

Riley Allen

Marketer from Discover Media.

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