How to Pitch Your Website to a Larger Audience

The rapid ascent of blogs has meant rapid rise in the opportunities that come alongside the blogging phenomenon. Today, one doesn’t write only out of the love for words, there is a larger section of writers who have made careers out of writing for the Internet and have in the process become much sought-after publishers. While working for clients or employers is a more reliable source of revenue, one source that is increasingly being made feasible is having your own website and running ads or services through it.

Having a personal website wasn’t a prospect too feasible a few years back. It has only been due to the emergence of various CMSs and their consistent efforts to make blogging simpler and more practical that we have millions of individuals who run either large scale websites, or medium scale blogs that serve as a decent source of additional income.

But all said and done, if you fancy your blog earning you big bucks, you have to make it draw more and more readers. The more traffic driven to your site, the higher the impressions on ads and higher are your odds of getting clicks on those ads. Now, whether those ads are from an ad network like Google Adsense and Chitika, or they are from a brand that is using your blog as a platform to advertise its offerings and products to your audience, you need clicks on the ads. And to tell you honestly, the ratio of total number of visitors to total clicks achieved is pretty low. And that’s where you need more and more people to come to your blog in order for you to achieve a higher conversion rate.

Getting your website to receive top of the funnel traffic requires serious application of multiple measures.

Harmonize Your Website’s Voice with What Your Target Audience Expects

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To begin with, before you start a website, you must have a clear-eyed understanding of whom are you pitching your content to. There is no dearth of bloggers who would just start a blog with a random approach, not focusing on a particular theme. This poses a great challenge when you find yourself scrambling to hold the attention of a particular set of audience. Unless you are running a large news portal, it won’t make a lot of sense that one day you write a movie review, and the very next day, you post an elaborate article about a sportsman, you follow it up with some tips on how to prevent hair loss and end the week with tips on how to impress girls or boys.

Restlessly meandering around the topics only gives an impression that the writer does not have an expertise on a particular niche and is only trying to gain ground with a desperate approach. So, decide what you would be most comfortable writing about, and buy a domain name with that in mind. You surely can create a blog with a diversified niche, but unless you are a jack or jenny of all trades, you need multiple writers to lend your diverse blog some authenticity.

Content Should be Unique and Intriguing

The uniqueness of the content isn’t just proved by its non-plagiarized status. If your website is full of articles of the likes of ‘How to wear a tie’ or ‘Best tips to make her fall in love with you’, even  non-plagiarized content won’t be your saviour. These are certain topics that already have a billion pages of literature dedicated to them. Your article would only be adding to the pile. So, instead of looking for the topic on the Internet, it would serve you better if you go by your instincts and pen down your opinion (while adding a dash of humor to make it interesting). If you feel you can give your own spin to those usual Love & Relationships topics and make the articles sound unique and interesting, go ahead and do it. But if you plan to dole out those maudlin sentimentalities, don’t expect your blog to intrigue any readers.

One of the inherent characteristic of the Internet audience is that it gets bored without you having to make an effort. Have a great beginning to your article so that you hook them by your first three lines.

Market it

Once you gain confidence that the limited audience you have managed to reach seems to like your writing style, you can now begin to look for ways to broadcast your content to a wider audience. For the numbers to come in abundance, you need to be clever in your marketing approach, as well as being creative in your writing. When it comes to content marketing, there is a truckload of ways you can implement it to help your blog stand out and get promoted amongst your target audience. While pining the competition to submission is an objective for any marketing endeavour, before you turn into a brand that has its own set of competitors, you need to learn from your potential competitors. A successful website belonging to the same niche as your website can give you a fair idea of how you must approach the content marketing exercise of your blog. And you can begin it with their back-linking strategy.

Find out the websites where they have placed back-links for their website and start posting your links there as well. Then, start leveraging social media capabilities to break the marketing shackles and gain some more eyeballs with much more ease and effect. Social media marketing is an incredible way to steady build your page rank and gain some heavy traffic.

Use Social Media

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Create social media pages for your site on the major platforms, namely, Google+, Facebook and Twitter. Then, join the numerous groups and communities that exist on these groups and promote your site’s content for their members to see. These groups can prove to be really valuable and there is every possibility that some of your posts go viral and start getting shares and likes in spades. This way, you are assured to draw massive traffic and get your site rank high on the popularity scales.

Guest Post

Guest posting is a highly recommended practice to boost the search engine ranking of your website. it usually involves writing quality content for websites of the same niche and including the links of your website in the post, or in the author bio. These links are recognised by Google which lends you a page rank based on how many back-links your website boasts of. Also, when you publish content on a highly ranked website while adding a link back to your site somewhere in the post, you also create one more opportunity to gain traffic. The visitors of those sites may end up clicking on your site’s URL, which will further boost your website relevant traffic.

Accelerating your website’s success may mean spending inordinate amount of time on the afore-mentioned aspects. You might also have to resort to various hit and trial techniques to find out what works for your site and what doesn’t. The internet is a place with fluctuating trends and it’s impractical to assume the factors that are going to dictate future trends. On your part, you can keep up with the present, while crafting a strategy that you deem would work well for the prospective scenarios in the future.

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