The Social Stock Market – Empire Avenue

These days we’re all pretty active on social networks like Twitter and Facebook. What if our social activity actually had economic value? Empire Avenue is the Social Stock Market where you can actually grow your social capital online (with virtual money of course). It’s an interesting idea and more and more people seem to be getting involved. Here’s how it works.

The concept is quite simple. When you join you Empire Avenue you actually connect your social networking accounts and you’ll be given a virtual share price based on your online social activity. The more active you are, the higher your share price. Like the stock market you can actually invest virtual money to own shares of other people on Empire Avenue. The more good investments you make, the more virtual money you’ll make. Your shareholders will even be paid dividends based on your engagement and activity.

So what is the whole point of this? Well, there isn’t really much point to it but it is a good way to have some fun with social networking and make some cool new connections. Who knows, with some smart investing and some rapid tweeting you might even become a virtual millionaire.

Adham Dannaway

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  1. waqas on July 21, 2011


  2. Benjamin Hale on August 9, 2011

    I think that EA is a good concept but poorly executed. Just my opinion. It’s getting better but I don’t think it’s going to grab enough of a market to succeed permanently. The game mechanics are so strange. Too bad. The visual layout is great though and you can make some good connections. As far as a Social Media Influence Measurement Index, Klout has this beat by a landslide.



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