What do people really think about brands?

I wonder what people really think about some of the brands out there today? It would be great if there was a way to collect all of this data and display it visually somehow.  Brand Tags have done just that, and they have done it in a very simple and clever way.

Brand Tags is a website which basically displays people’s perceptions of a brand visually via tag clouds. To generate these tag clouds, the website shows people a brand logo then asks them to tag that brand with the first word that comes to mind. All of these tags are then used to generate a tag cloud for that brand. Like most other tag clouds, the size of the tag reflects the amount of people submitting that particular tag. I think it’s a great social experiment and a clever idea to visually display people’s perceptions of  brands today.

In order to browse through the tag clouds of the different brands, you firstly need to tag a few brands yourself with words that come to mind. The Brand Tags website even features a “Battle Mode” where brands are placed against each other and people need to vote for the brand they like more. You can check out the leaderboard here which currently ranks Google in first place ahead of Pixar, Adidas and Apple.

So let’s see what people think of the Apple and Microsoft brands. I’ve taken a small screen shot for each brand to see what their brand perception tag cloud looks like. Check it out below or visit the Brand Tags site to see the rest of the brands.

Apple Brand Tag Cloud

We can clearly see that people associate Apple with stylish technology.

Microsoft Brand Tag Cloud

It looks like Microsoft has the power PC market in the bag.

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