WordPress Stats Stopped Working?

A lot of self-hosted WordPress users just recently started having problems with their WordPress Stats plugin. The Stats plugin was working fine until a few days ago where they got this error message: “Your WordPress.com account, blah is not authorized to view the stats of this blog“. You’ve probably tried updating the stats plugin, deactivating it and then re-activating it and even upgrading your WordPress installation. Thankfully, the way to fix this Stats problem is actually much more simple.

WordPress has created a new plugin called Jetpack which allows you to add quite a few new features to improve your WordPress blog, including WordPress Stats. Simply download and activate the new Jetpack plugin and your stats will start working again. Plus you’ll get a few added features if you choose to switch them on including:

  • Twitter Widget – Display the latest updates from a Twitter user inside your theme’s widgets.
  • Gravatar Hovercards – Show a pop-up business card of your users’ Gravatar profiles in comments.
  • WP.me Shortlinks – Enable WP.me-powered shortlinks for all of your Posts and Pages for easier sharing.
  • Shortcode Embeds – Easily embed videos and more from sites like YouTube, Vimeo, and SlideShare.
  • After The Deadline – After the Deadline helps you write better by adding spell, style, and grammar checking to WordPress.
  • LaTeX – Mark up your posts with the LaTeX markup language, perfect for complex mathematical equations and other über-geekery.
  • Sharedaddy – The most super duper sharing tool on the interwebs. Share content with Facebook, Twitter, and many more.

Adham Dannaway

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  1. Jomer Gregorio on March 22, 2011

    Thanks buddy! You save me some time..

  2. Tony Scott on March 22, 2011

    This ‘fix’ does not work – see http://twitter.com/wordpressdotcom/status/50312156473860096

    Have you actually carried out the procedure you outline???

  3. Cre8ive Commando on March 23, 2011

    @Tony – Yes, I tried it on 2 client websites recently and it works fine. 🙂

  4. Tony Scott on March 23, 2011


    I’m referring to the problems yesterday on WordPress.com – for a time stats were not available either from the Stats plugin or Jetpack (this is what the Tweet I posted refers to).

    However, these problems have now been fixed http://twitter.com/#!/wordpressdotcom/statuses/50368822535929856

    During the problems a few days ago the installation of Jetpack worked in some cases http://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/stats-plugin-stopped-working-api-problem?replies=90


  5. Sergio on March 24, 2011

    Thanks,heled me alot!



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