Are you a Mac Person or a PC Person?

There’s always been a battle between Mac and PC. PC users have always dominated the market but things are starting to change. Mac users are growing fast and there is definitely a certain type of person that is attracted to Mac computers. The guys from Hunch have put together this great infographic which outlines some of the characteristics  and differences between Mac and PC users.

We’ve all seen the stereotypical Mac and PC guys from the Apple Mac commercials a while back, but this infographic gives us some actual statistics about Mac and PC people’s personalities, fashion sense and differences.

It turns out that Mac people are generally younger than PC people and they tend to live in the city and not the suburbs. PC people have a more casual fashion sense as opposed to the more chic/designer fashion sense of Mac users. Apparently Mac people don’t eat meat either, with 80% of Mac users being more likely to be vegetarians than PC users. Mac users are still the minority but I can definitely see things changing in the future.

I’m even finding myself using a Mac these days. What about you, are you a Mac or PC?

are you a mac person or a pc person infographic

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