CSS Pivot – Add CSS Styles to Any Website

There’s a great new tool called CSS Pivot which actually allows you to add custom CSS to any website and share your changes via a link. This creates a very quick and simple way for website owners to get suggestions from web designers on how to improve the style of their website. CSS Pivot is very simple to use, all you need to do is visit csspivot.com, enter the URL of the site you want to suggest styles for then add your custom CSS styles via a small pop-up window. You can preview your changes at any time by clicking the “Preview” button and once you’re happy with your new style you can save it and you’ll get a short link that you can share.

css pivot add css styles to any website

You can only add CSS styles to websites which does make this tool quite limited. Being able to dynamically edit the existing style sheet of a website (like in Firebug) could be a more powerful solution. It’s an interesting idea that could come in handy next time your friend asks you “How can I improve my website styles?”

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  1. Web Design Company on April 20, 2011

    Nice post. I am working in a Web Design Company. I just want to ask, does it implement the CSS directly on a published website or it just gives the preview along with the CSS code. And later on we can apply this code in our website.
    The Link of csspivot is really very nice & can be proved very helpful for our Web Design Company.
    Thanks & Regards for your good work.

  2. Cre8ive Commando on April 22, 2011

    CSS Pivot simply allows you to add CSS to an existing website. It creates a link for you to share your custom CSS changes with other designers. It won’t alter the actual website in any way. The website owner can view the CSS changes and add them to their site if they wish.

  3. Lee Fuller on April 30, 2011

    As you’ve mentioned, this could definitely come in handy when asking for improvements… and although limited (at the moment) it is a brilliant idea…


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