In today’s world, the need of advertising is growing directly in proportion with the growing economy. Advertising has become an inevitable element of businesses. Every company is adopting the concept of advertising and is constantly striving to use new mediums of advertisement by which people can be attracted. Internet is one of those newest and the most inexpensive mediums of advertising being used nowadays. The Internet is inundated with different tools of advertisement to cater to the needs of any business. Among these tools, Web Banners are one interesting and quite a useful source of Internet advertisement which is being used by many big and small companies. Web banner generally imparts a very tremendous effect on the people’s minds. It gives a constant recall to the web user as well as communicates the objective in a smart way. It also makes the viewer realize that the certain group or company is there in the market marking its presence in all ways possible. With an increase in Internet usage, web banner also act as an effective mean of brand identity for both its customers and its competitors.

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