How to represent your brand in your brochure design

If you have been overwhelmed by the digitalization of the world, ‘Print’ might not intrigue you anymore. However, the truth is that ‘Print’ continues to be highly relevant today, for not every soul is as active on the Internet as you would like to believe. Moreover, Print brochures and pamphlets have comparatively greater attention span than those banner ads on random websites.

Therefore, if you are one of the business managers contemplating the use of brochures to advertise your services, there are several options to explore. Making your brochure visually appealing and embraceable is a combination of things. And the elementary approach to creating a brochure that represents your brand in the manner most effective is in some ways similar to the approach you take while designing your website, but also radically different from it in other ways.

There are certain tips or measures to keep in mind before or while you are designing a brochure:

Know whom exactly you are advertising to

be it any form of advertising, print or TV or Internet, you have to have a clear-eyed idea of who your target audience is. And this means you have to know their demographics, their age group, whether you appeal to a specific gender more, which section of society they belong to, in terms of their purchasing power, etc. besides this, if the brochure is for new clients or customers, you have to make the brochure as catchy as possible, if however you are targeting existing customers, let brochure promote amicability and trust.

Let it stand out from the herd

You can’t have a mainstream brochure and expect people to NOT dump it as soon as it is handed out to them. If your brochure is just like the zillion others restlessly roaming around, you would hardly get noticed. In order to ensure that people notice the brochure and take a step further and read the information meant for them, you have to make it look attractive and visually appealing. Using some intriguing, quality images is one of the more reliable ways of doing so. The front of your brochure should be made as interesting as it can be made, and you don’t have to fill it up with all the informational bits. Make it look less cluttered and use fonts that are easy to read.

brochure nick cave

Nick Cave has a unique brochure design that folds into a box

Make it easy on eyes

You won’t be helping your cause if you fill your brochure with unbridled colors and fonts, making it a struggle for your readers to go through the brochure and read it properly. If you make people squint their eyes, your brochure isn’t going to help your brand. So, while making it as attractive as you can, you also need to steer clear of overdoing it and making the brochure look stuffed with fancy elements. While you can try the flat designs or the whole minimal style of designing, the brochure can also be made easy on eyes without resorting to minimalism. Keep it clean and comprehensible, and rest will take care of itself.

Draw focus on points that demand focus

There is always going to be a line or a word that sends out your brand message in a manner most effective and clearer than the rest of the content. So, it is only imperative that you make that piece of content stand out. You can increase the font size for that word or make it richer. One more way of making it stand out by printing it in a different color than the rest so that focus is drawn towards it cardinally.

Add some incentives for the customers

be it print media, or the online promotions, when there are offers or prizes to be won, you can be rest assured your advertisements will grab several times more attention than they usually do. Put up some discount against your products and advertise it through the brochure. But advertise the discount in a way that the customers read all the important bits of information about your products leisurely and comprehensively.

There can be an overwhelming investment of creativity in your brochure or you can go for a more grounded approach. Irrespective of what route you choose to take, make sure it’s headed towards the future.

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