How to Make a Logo Online with SmallSEOtools

A logo is the unique identifier of a company’s distinct look, personality, trustworthiness, and what it sells. Every day millions of people surf the internet and visit thousands of sites.

Regardless of whether you have a business or a web or blog site or all of them, your logo is what will make your site stand out from the crowd. The more recognizable your logo is, the more trustable it is.

Every advertisement on any media, blog post, and social media interaction serves as a form of publicity for your business. Your logo becomes the beacon of your business’s recognition.

Some logos are easily recognizable, while others are forgettable. The reason for a logo being easily recognizable is that it portrays quality and trust. People only visit and spend time in those shops and on those web, blog, or social media sites that they trust. Selling and establishing your brand is one of the most challenging goals to achieve in the marketing.

Create a Logo with SmallSeoTools

Now thanks to the internet, a simple search for creating a logo online in Google or a search browser will display hundreds of websites that offer free logo maker apps. From the hundreds of choices available, finding the best free logo maker will require spending time and exploring the pros and cons of each free logo maker.

To cut to the chase and choose the best free logo maker, open in a new tab on your search browser. Yes, the categories displayed are absolutely astounding.

It makes the task of designing your own unique logo so much easier. 3D is a fairly new concept, and this free logo maker has templates in this category. Scroll through the category that suits your industry. Look at the templates and choose the one that you think best portrays your business. Now go ahead, choose the template you like, and you can change the background colors, font color, font type, and size. You have pretty much a free hand in designing your own unique and memorable logo when you use this free logo maker.

SmallSeoTools assists you in making your logo and does not force you into selecting any particular template or limits your creativity.

After you are satisfied with the logo that you have created, make sure you have not accidentally stolen someone else’s logo. Share the logo with your friends and get their honest opinion. You will love this free logo maker, and if any of your friends and colleagues are looking for a great free logo maker online, tell them about this tool.

The need for a Logo Design

Today, it has become incredibly easy to make with the help of a free logo maker. But we will get to that later. Walking on the streets, looking at advertisement billboards, watching TV, surfing the internet, people see hundreds of logos every day. Therefore, to cut through the noise, grab their attention, making your logo memorable and easily recognizable is not an easy task to achieve. To make an easy to recognize and memorize logo; there are some questions that you should answer first, which are;

  • Who are your customers?
  • What area or region are you targeting?
  • What are you selling?
  • Where are you selling from?

Answers to these four questions will help you in designing a good logo. What to sell, who to sell, from where to sell, and the people that you are selling to are the basic components of making a good logo.

If it’s kids you are targeting like toys, games, puzzles, the logo should showcase fun. If your target is senior citizens, the logo should be easily recognizable and readable.

A logo does not have to portray the product that you are selling. Just look at the most famous logos worldwide; McDonald’s golden arches of ‘M’, Apple, IBM, Facebook, Twitter, and Google. None of them are displaying what they sell. Yet their logos are recognized immediately.

Now you can start to design and make your own logo. But before you do that, think about the logo you want to make. The best way to do that is to pick up a pencil and start making sketches on paper. The black and white contrast will show how unique the logo is. Colors can be added later. Don’t spend more than 30 seconds on designing a logo. It doesn’t matter if you make hundreds of sketches until you hit the right one. The more time you spend on making a single sketch, the more addled your brain will become, and invariably you will end up making an awful logo.

When designing a logo, don’t limit it to one size. It should be distinguishable on a website favicon, on a banner, poster, flyer, and billboard.

Once you have shortlisted the design of the logo, you want to make. You can find a free logo maker on the internet by searching for create logo online on your search browser.

Most universally recognized logos have the company name or its initials in the logo, like IBM, HP, and Coca-Cola, etc. This is just a tip; to create the best logo that suits your business is up to you.

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