The Colours of the Web Infographic

There are heaps of different brands on the web and they’re comprised of a variety of different colours, but have you ever wondered which colours are the most popular on the web? Colour Lovers have answered this question by creating an infographic that plots the colours of the top 100 website brands and their respective colours.

Although there is a pretty broad range of different coloured brands on the internet, it’s clear to see that the colour blue dominates the top 100 website brands. There is also quite a few red website brands which shows that red is a very popular colour for brands on the internet too. Blue seems to be the default colour for website brands these days. If you don’t know what colour to use for your brand, just go with blue like everyone else. Due to its popularity, blue has become a very flexible brand colour and thus we find it used in a multitude of different types of brands from Twitter to HP. It has become a safe and stable colour to use in branding and will probably continue to grow in popularity into the future if this trend continues.

Will smaller companies continue to copy the big boys and use blue in their branding or will they innovate and start another colour trend? It will be interesting to see what happens. I guess if Facebook does end up ruling the internet sphere then we will all be seeing blue anyway, so we won’t have a choice!

colours of the web infographic

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  1. prajith on February 25, 2011


    That’s quite informative. thanks for sharing 🙂



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