Avatar movie artwork that you may not have seen before

I just watched the Avatar movie yet again and got lost in the amazing world of Pandora. After seeing the visual feast of colours, special effects and amazing characters I found myself still wanting more. Now, I’ve already seen most of the Avatar movie desktop wallpapers and movie posters out there, so I decided to explore the digital art world to see what it had to offer. To my surprise I came across some amazing Avatar movie artwork that you may not have seen before. I have included the artwork below with links through to the original artworks along with the very talented artists that created them.

I hope you enjoy the artworks as much as I do. Please let me know if you find any other unique Avatar movie artworks by leaving a comment below. Which one is your favorite? For some more Avatar fun you could create your own Avatar character. Avatarize your face!

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  1. Joseph McCullough on March 9, 2010

    Top and bottom left are pretty good. A lot of those look like they were drawn by people who only draw anime and call themselves artists (Low blow, I know)

  2. Catwomin on April 30, 2010

    Awesome artwork I LOVE it!


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