Create your own World Cup jersey on Facebook

You may have noticed that some of your friends are supporting their favourite World Cup team by displaying a personalized World Cup jersey on their Facebook page. You can create your own World Cup jersey for your Facebook profile and I’ll show you how below. Don’t worry, it’s very simple and it only takes a minute.

Firstly you need to login to Facebook and then simply click on the button below to create your jersey.  You will need to “like” the “WorldFootballFans” Facebook page and also “allow access” to the application before you can create your jersey (don’t worry, this is standard practice for Facebook apps). The application will take you through this process anyway. It’s time to create your jersey!

make my world cup jersey

Once signed into the World Cup Supporter Facebook App you can choose your favourite country and write your own name and number on the back. Once you’re happy with your jersey you can post it as your profile picture. Here are some screen shots of this clever little app.

create your own world cup jersey facebook applicationcreate your  own world cup jersey applicationmy own world cup jersey
Here is my own World Cup jersey. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Thanks to Digital Buzz for putting together this great app! They have really done a nice job with it.

Edit 21.06.2010: Here is another great Facebook application to create your own world cup jersey: Take me to the Facebook World Cup Jersey Application

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  1. Willy on June 14, 2010

    Nice man! I just made one from facebook, but this one seems much better!!!

  2. nut on June 14, 2010

    wow this is awesome…i jst made myself an England jersey with number 7…GO England!!!!!

  3. Cre8ive Commando on June 16, 2010

    Some people are having problems accessing this application. This is simply due to the large amount of interest in the app. If it is loading slowly you will simply need to wait or come back later at a less busy time.

    I tried it a few times and it’s working fine. 🙂

  4. Brendan on June 17, 2010

    Its loading fine but doesnt come up with name and number

    dont know whats happening .

  5. HILLARY AGUI on June 17, 2010


  6. elle robbo on June 17, 2010

    England! England!

  7. Ealskdml Lambsel on June 20, 2010

    Liked the apps. I ve also found a beautiful article @

  8. Barack Obama on June 25, 2010


  9. rowleys on June 29, 2010


  10. AARON SEFA BOAKYE on June 29, 2010


  11. mas on July 1, 2010

    GO GO GO BRAZIL………..!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. DONDINHO 10 on July 3, 2010

    wow i have just made my self a brazilian jersey.

  13. man on July 4, 2010

    go germany….

  14. Carissa on July 6, 2010

    You guys I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go number 7!!!!!!!! Ronaldo MWHA

  15. aleksa on July 8, 2010


  16. fadugba samuel on July 13, 2010

    This site is awesome!

  17. kunal on July 16, 2010

    i like brasil

  18. kunal on July 16, 2010

    I like the jersey because its cool. All I can say is that Brasil rules and this helps us cheer ourselves up!

  19. joy ann etones on July 17, 2010

    go #8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. sandi breciano che on July 17, 2010

    This site is the best! 🙂

  21. Humza on July 18, 2010

    Lets go ARGENTINA !!!!!!! It will be the best 2010 trophy. At least its better than SOUTH Africa!

  22. Iriekpen Sunday on July 20, 2010

    i want a nigerian jersey to customize

  23. BOWILLZ on July 22, 2010

    This is preety nyce n spycee

  24. suhas on July 24, 2010

    i love spain go spain

  25. suhas on July 24, 2010

    go 10

  26. lugard on July 31, 2010

    ghana is the best team africa have everhad

  27. martin bowles on August 1, 2010

    man u

  28. hichem on August 2, 2010


  29. FOUZI on August 3, 2010


  30. Deniyi on August 4, 2010

    i wanna create a jersey!

  31. courage on August 9, 2010

    You guys are great

  32. PAGE on August 21, 2010


  33. alawiye uthman on August 21, 2010

    this is the best jersey creater ever
    you can create yours too

  34. grizelda on August 24, 2010

    Brasil for life

  35. elia58022 on August 28, 2010



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