Measure Your Overall Online Influence with Klout

Have you ever wondered how influential you are online? How many people really follow you on Twitter and Facebook and more importantly, how many actually engage and interact with you? Your social media influence is commonly referred to as your “Klout” and it can be measured in seconds using this great new tool.

Your Klout Score is basically a measurement of your overall online influence and ranges from 1 to 100 with higher scores representing stronger and wider online influence. The Klout score is primarily a measure of your ability to drive others to take an action. So if people comment, reply, re-tweet or click on your messages then you are considered influential. The Klout tool uses over 35 different metrics to calculate your Klout score along with your “True Reach”, “Amplification Probability” and “Network Score”. So what are these scores exactly?

adham dannaway klout score

True Reach:

True reach is the size of your engaged audience. If you have followers and friends who react to your messages and actively engage with you your true reach will be greater. If your tweets have never been re-tweeted by anyone else then your True Reach won’t be high at all. Inactive and spam accounts don’t count towards your True Reach either.

Amplification Score:

Amplification Score is the likelihood that your messages will generate actions. Actions include comments, re-tweets and @messages. The amplification score is also on a scale of 1 to 100. How often do your messages spark conversation and how far do these conversations spread across the internet?

Network Score:

Network Score is a measure of how influential your engaged audience is. If you have a lot of influential people following you and re-tweeting your messages, this indicates that what you have to say is important which in turn increases your Network Score and your overall Klout Score. So having friends in high places is important in the online world as well as in real life.

It’s very easy to measure your Klout Score by simply visiting the site and inputing your twitter user name. You can see mine above. So what’s your Klout Score? Find out now!

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